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ACT Mock Test


Please register below for the upcoming ACT Mock tests. We strongly recommend that the participant is the current High School Student. The test runs for 4 hrs. 30 minutes with few breaks. Please note that there will be a $5.00 nominal fee for the test and that can be paid on the day of the test. Snacks will be provided during breaks.

Advantages of Mock tests:

  • Know in Advance where your son/daughter at so that you can plan better for extra preparation.
  • It is very hard to make high school student sit for 4 hrs. 30 minutes at one place without distraction.
  • Testing in a group setting brings great focus, fun and discipline.
  • It provides great opportunity for students to exercise same procedures/tips as they do for real test like exercising good sleep, having good breakfast etc.
  • Great knowledge exchange in the community as parents/students get-together at one place.

Our ultimate goal of this exercise is to provide an environment similar to the actual test thereby enabling them to do well there. Please make a note that IAN will not be correcting the test papers but will be providing keys to students/parents.

Please make sure to register as soon as possible as we have very limited spots this time.


ACT Mock Test

Mock Test Date

Test Date & Time Location
ACT Mar 16th, 2019
8:00 AM
Mammel Hall,
University of Nebraska Omaha,
6708 Pine Street, Omaha, NE

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